Institutional Digital Repository Services

By using the terms “Repositories/Depositories” “Digital Archives” “Digital Libraries” we mean any form of organized digital collection which combines a detailed, searchable by metadata description of the Object and linking of this description to digital content available to the user through the appropriate browser. The content recorded, where relevant, in various formats (image, digital file, text file) -any file that has processed as OCR, video, audio, etc.-.  We operate by providing automation solutions, digitization services, processing of digital copies and documentations.

Institutional Repository

This Repository is related with the student’s essays of an Academic Foundation, sorted by category (Thesis, Master, PhD, or other). Essays are recorded into repository in digital format (PDF, image, text file that has processed as OCR, etc.)  and  accompanied by descriptive metadata  and thematic classification (authority lists, structured indexes, ontologies, etc.). Access is open or restricted and distributed under international standards (e.g. Creative Commons). We use internationally recognized open source software for Institutional Repositories development, such as DSpace and e-Prints, though Repositories of this type, can be supported by V-Smart software. Documenting is conducted in Dublin Core format or Qualified Dublin Core format, as well as with Greek heal-Meta Proposal.  Digitization follows best established practices, in analogy with the material type. Institutional Repositories should be open to local and international accumulators (aggregators) and this is achieved through the OAI-PMH protocol.

Research Repository

This Repository is related with the research output of Academic Institutes or Research Entities, Institutes, etc. and intends to record and promote their research activities and research results. The structure of Research repository is more complex than that of the Institutional and is described by the CERIF standard. According to complexity and the level of compliance with CERIF, we use DSpace and OpenBiblio open source software for automation, management and visibility of a Research repository.

Cultural Repository- Digital Library

A Cultural Repository can include a variety of material with cultural qualification, contemporary or from past periods (historical archives,  photography collections, publications material, combo material of events-speeches/photos/video-, etc.). This material is appropriately digitized, copyright marked (watermark, license) and properly documented based on the more akin standard  (Dublin Core, CIDOC-CRM, Marc, etc.). As in previous repositories, the material must be open to international and domestic accumulators via protocols (OAI-PMH, Z39.50, etc.). We backing solutions based on open source software such as DSpace, OMEKA, or commercial software like V-Smart, Luna Insight and  AdLib.