Free Research Survey Software Application

Use the survey software to create electronic surveys with unlimited question-and-answer methods for data collection, analysis and reporting purposes. The script also allows for different query types, such as open response, single and multiple response.Key Features Include:

  • There is no technical experience required to use abcSURVEY. Select a new survey or existing survey and create a questionnaire just by choosing the settings that fit your site best. You can quickly add custom questions and then send the survey to a list of recipients.
  • Once you have created your survey, you can upload a table or spreadsheet that contains a list of recipients and search for specific recipients to send the survey. You can also make your own list of email addresses and names.
  • In the question bank, previous surveys are stored. You can easily manage all of your surveys or delete them if necessary.
  • You can generate reports for graphic analysis including charts and graphs from each survey that you create. From these reports, you can analyze the user participation, feedback for each question, and feedback per survey.
  • There are a few options for deploying the surveys. The user can get instant access to surveys through email and web links.