Cataloguing, Digitization, Documentation and Conversion


Our cataloguing service of printed and digital material performed by experienced librarians (over 5 years of experience). In particular cataloguing follows:

  • The AACR2 rev. standards
  • The Dewey v.23 taxonomic system (web edition)
  • The internal Marc21 and Unimarc formats

The cataloguing includes the creation and utilization of authority files, structured terminology (thesaurus) and compatibility.


Documentation relates principally archival or museum material. The metadata registration is done in Dublin Core / Qualified Dublin Core standardization for archival material and SPECTRUM standardization for museum material.


Digitization service offers a complete, cost-effective digitization solution. We assist in producing archival quality digital images. Our state-of-the-art technology converts data from any source – digital, typed, or handwritten – into a specified digital format. Documents are scanned through Over-head Book Scanners, Auto Document Feeder (ADF) Scanners, and Flatbed Scanners according to the requirement. Each page is scanned with ultra process, which automatically adjusts brightness and contrast for scanned documents.


Our conversion service includes Document Receipt, Inventory Preparation, Document Scanning, Image Processing, Quality Control, Transfer to Repository. We also offers special conversion services for rare books. We are equipped with high-quality production scanners and Bookeye over-head scanner. Bookeye is ideal for capturing bound documents – rare books, ancient manuscripts, and archival content. Documents remain in their natural state on the scan surface. They do not need to be unbound, separated, or carefully positioned.